Course Curriculum

This course is built into seven weekly modules. Modules include video and audio content, slides and supplemental documents. Each week Michael hosts a live, one-hour call to review each week's material, and answer student questions.


Module One: Wholism vs Reductionism

Learn the big picture and the foundational principles of wholistic medicine. Understand how it differs from conventional medicine, and of how this type of care is the future of healthcare. Learn the key principle of natural healing, and how to communicate this with your patients.

In this module, you will learn:

  • What makes any therapy wholistic

  • The Top Seven Classes of Dangerous Drugs You Need to Know

  • How Vaccines Do More Harm than Good

  • How to communicate with patients

  • The crucial differences between natural and synthetic vitamins


MODULE Two: Etiology and Pathophysiology of Autoimmune Disease

If you understand the cause, you can implement the correction and prevention. Understand the two primary causes of autoimmune disease, and why the US has the most autoimmune disease per capita. Learn the specific steps of autoimmune process as it progresses through its pathophysiology. Understand which common lifestyle choices contribute to autoimmune disease.

In this module, you will learn:

  • Immune pysiology: Innate vs acquired immunity; the two types of antibodies; apoptosis vs necrosis

  • Autoimmune statistics, etiology, pathophysiology

  • Which two factors most contribute to autoimmune disease

  • How vaccines can directly cause autoimmune disease; injected aluminum

  • Dr Izabella Wentz: Autoimmunity, Patient Management


MODULE Three: All Disease Becomes Autoimmune

It is truly amazing that, for many patients, how many common conditions have an autoimmune component. Cognitive, cardiac, and cancerous conditions are, in many cases, autoimmune in nature. Learn how to spot which conditions your patients have that may be autoimmune. Understand which lab tests can show autoimmunity up to 26 years before clinical symptoms arise, and a good set of basic lab work to order routinely for all of your patients.   

In this module, you will learn:

  • Cognition and autoimmunity

  • Prostate health, autoimmunity and zinc status

  • Cancer and autoimmunity

  • Heart failure and autoimmunity

  • Autoimmune lab tests, and good annual lab testing for all patients


MODULE Four: P.I.N. Program Part One: Protomorphogens (PMGs)

In this first phase you’ll learn about the history, functions and clinical applications of protomorphogen (PMG) and protomorphogen tissue extracts. Dr Gaeta combines the traditional teachings of Dr Royal Lee with the latest developments in cellular physiology and autoimmune treatments, to offer the most comprehensive explanation ever recorded, on PMGs. You’ll also learn Dr Gaeta’s innovative PMG Rotation Program, which has been successfully used by hundreds of practitioners nationally since he developed and started teaching the system in 2009.

In this module, you will learn:

  • Overview of the three-phase P.I.N. Program

  • Definition and History of PMGs

  • Conventional/Allopathic Management of Autoimmune Disease

  • The Four Functions of a PMG; PMGs and Cancer

  • Clinical Application of PMGs, including the PMG Rotation Program


MODULE Five: P.I.N. Program Part Two: Immune Dysregulation

Immune dysregulation is one of the two primary contributors to the autoimmune process, and this second phase of the P.I.N. Program, Immune Regulation, gives you the perspective and tools you need for this critical aspect of patient care - optimizing and balancing the immune response.  

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to support innate / cellular immunity

  • Central and peripheral tolerance, and how to apply it in patient care; more on vaccines

  • Ionized calcium: importance, assessment & optimization in Autoimmune Disease and Cancer

  • Botanical medicine and autoimmunity: best practices

  • How to clear low-level infections & stealth pathogens


MODULE Six: Gastrointestinal Restoration

Two major contributors to autoimmune disease are in the digestive system: dysbiosis and intestinal hyperpermeability. The vast majority of autoimmune patients have one or both of these issues. Learning specifically how to correct an imbalanced gut microbiome, and how to “heal and seal” a leaky gut, is essential for the autoimmune-proficient practitioner. This is part of how we both reverse the autoimmune process, and how to prevent autoimmunity in healthy patients.

In this module, you will learn:

  • The low-antigen / low-inflammation diet

  • The Human microbiome and gut flora

  • The Gut Flora Restoration Program

  • Intestinal hyperpermeability (leaky gut) and autoimmunity; healing & sealing the leaky gut

  • Sayer Ji: The Human Microbiome and the Unity of All Life


MODULE SEVEN: P.I.N. Program Part Two: cytoprotection, putting it all together

In this third and final phase of Dr Gaeta’s P.I.N. Program for autoimmune prevention and support, you will learn how to improve your patient care and outcomes with natural cytoprotective therapy. This approach aims to prevent necrosis, the other primary contributor to autoimmunity. You will learn why cytoprotective support replaces the commonly-used, flawed and dangerous antioxidant model, as well as how to incorporate detoxification and herbal therapy to increases cellular resistance. Finally, this last module of The Autoimmune Solution closes with a comprehensive Putting It All Together section, which pulls together all the material in the course in an actionable implementation strategy for your patients and practice.  

  • Low-level light therapy for pain, tissue repair, fatigue and immune balancing in Autoimmune Disease and more

  • Heat shock proteins, echinacea root

  • Hormesis, phytotherapy, Nrf2/ARE and cytoprotection; the antioxidant myths, dangers of synthetic antioxidants

  • Detoxification, cleansing and cytoprotection

  • Putting It All Together: Autoimmune Disease prevention & support, keys to patient compliance

  • Ten Steps, and Nutritional and Herbal Support, for Wellness, Vitality and Prevention in All Patients

  • Resources and next steps



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