Judy Simonsen-Cazier, LAc.png

"I liked the format - watching the video and gathering questions then having live time with Michael was great. The information was transformative. Now my real work begins!"

Judy Simonsen-Cazier, LAc


"Absolutely everything works about this course! I love being able to understand in simple terms what's going on with regard to my patients symptoms and how to best to explain it to them and how to approach the healing process with Standard Process and Mediherb."

Nancy Fisher, LAc


"There is a lot to learn in using Standard Process and MediHerb with myself and my patients. I feel confident learning from Dr. Gaeta, since he has been an accomplished practitioner for 27 years, and made the switch from synthetic nutraceuticals. Also, it is nice for me to learn from someone with an East Asian Medicine background because they have a deep understanding that everything is connected. I took 48 pages of notes(!) and look forward to continue learning. I also think his pricing is fair and allows practitioners at the beginning of their practice to learn and implement this knowledge."

Dr. Laura D Varga, DAOM

Dr. Laura D Varga, DAOM.png

"I feel I'm finally ready to take this next big step in learning a deeper protocol for treating the more complicated presentations I see in the office.  My patients have gotten better, but not better enough.  This may be the clue I've seen looking for."

 Dr Arlene Myers, DAc

Carol Patti, Clinical Nutritionist.jpg

"The course was fabulous.  I learned so much and I liked learning more about SP products and protocols.  The course was well-organized. I loved the Q & A and your willingness to answer as many questions as possible.  Your teaching is very clear, and your passion for educating us is heartfelt."

Carol Patti, Clinical Nutritionist


"This was my first seminar with Dr. Gaeta, and I thought he was brilliant. His professionalism, expertise and presentation skills made it a very valuable and pleasant experience."

Dr Connie Christie, DAOM


"I am 100% satisfied. I have received more value than what my investment was."

Dennis Koch DC


"I cannot appreciate enough the positive attitude and approach Dr. Gaeta takes with lectures and answering questions.  I plan to continue listening to the classes in hopes that I can also convey this information with similar grace and peace."

Dr Stephanie Brewer


"The info & protocols are wonderful & will be very useful clinically.  I thank you for your kindness in sharing your knowledge."

Dr Prabhu Mayo


"I am a Nutritional Therapist for the past 12 years using Standard Process, and I appreciate your updates and protocols. I will find this information very useful for my practice."

Kate Johnson


"Amazing information on health and wellness, so excited to share this knowledge with my family and patients!"

Tammy Lewis-Burns, LAc


"A virtual feast of information, very meaty, it's going to take me some time to chew and assimilate!"

Anna Zell, LAc

Anna Zell.png

"Very well organized... I like the broad range of participants, and the opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences. I particularly like the clear explanations for your protocols. This is a very useful course for me and my practice."

Mary Jensen


"I am getting a better understanding of Standard Process and Mediherb products plus I have a far better understanding of Autoimmune Disease and the need to nourish the body.  The protocols are extremely helpful.  Dr. Gaeta is so generous with his knowledge."

Dr Maryanne Del Negro


"I wish I would have known about Dr Gaeta's courses and the mentoring program a few years ago. I ended up spending tens of thousands of dollars traveling and attending other programs, which left me quite depleted (mentally, physically and financially) and which ultimately didn't resonate with the way I practice. I feel that his approach is very "gentle," and by understanding the rationale behind the protocols, I can make adjustments as needed AND feel confident that it is beneficial to the patient."

Natascha Hebell, LAc


"It is so incredibly organized, which has been my experience with Dr. Gaeta's presentations. I actually sat through this course and it is odd hearing myself ask questions. But this is more than a review. On this 2nd time around, I appreciate the depth and logic in the material. I appreciate that this is archived (as well as the weekly calls), as repetition, for me, is the way to merge with the material. I am extremely grateful for this series and hope there are more to come."

Dr Nan Crossgrove, DC


"Wonderful course material, new cutting edge stuff that no one has put together in one class. Can't beat 27 years of clinical experience and knowledge backing the information either."

Dr Jason D. Stephenson


"I really appreciate Dr Gaeta's knowledge and generosity in sharing everything he can. There is a LOT to absorb!"

Catherine Cain


"What do I love about the AMP? It’s educational, immediate clinical application. Now I am better with protocols and have better compliance. The AMP is the best investment in any course I've taken! After studying with Michael in the AMP, I am so thankful and happy to be in my second year of his Clinician’s Mastermind Circle."

Dr Robert Corcetti, DC

Dr Robert Corcetti, DC.png

"What I love about the AMP is Dr Gaeta's tremendous knowledge that he shares. It's perfect."

Dr Cindy Daw, DC  


"The AMP tied lots of bits of information together, and gave me a better direction in treating patients , especially necrosis, immune and the PMGs. It surprised me that all cases are eventually autoimmune. This seminar not only addresses AiD, but helps to unite SP/MH knowledge, use, case management and clinical pearls. Especially useful was the information on PMGs and Dr Gaeta's P.I.N. program. I've never heard so much information about PMGs before. Thank you!

Dr Danette Sutton, DC

Dr Danette Sutton, DC.png

"The AMP has been so helpful, and changed my practice, from my learning the mechanics of autoimmune diseases and what I can do to help a client. I've been able to clean up gut issues and chronic immune challenges with the protocols I learned in this course. As a result of taking the AMP, I now have a clear understanding of autoimmune diseases, and more importantly where they start from, so when I'm doing a consultation I can predict that the client I'm with has, most likely an autoimmune condition, whether they are aware of it or not. It was all fantastic!"

Dr Katie Thompson, DC

Katie Thompson, DC.png

"It is great to have a more complete understanding of autoimmune diseases and learn how to address the underlying issues that lead to the development of the disease. My patients have been receptive to the learning about how these diseases develop and are interested in how they can recover without medication."

Dr Jeanette White, DC  


"Autoimmune disease is very complicated, involving breakdown of many systems in the body, as I have found in my own life firsthand, as well as what you portrayed in the AMP. Your Program has changed the way I view deficiencies and I am approaching them more from the protocols that you gave us.  I am doing them all, as you suggested and finding them quite life=changing. I appreciate your passion! A lot more material/information than I ever expected-but it was greatly appreciated.

Sonja Rey, LMT


"Having taken the AMP, I am now able to better explain to patients how AI disorders can indeed be helped. Awesome, well- explained protocols. Honestly, I really enjoyed the Program, and can't think of anything that needed improving."

Dr Dan Monson, DC

Jeremy Jacks, LAc.png

"The most helpful was the knowledge that allowed me to speak about AI disease intelligently. I certainly use more PMG's now. I was impressed by the thoroughness and passion with which Dr. Gaeta spoke. His knowledge is extensive, and he has a great way of explaining it a digestible way.  It’s difficult to suggest improvements in the Autoimmune Mastery Program because the program is so great. I also loved all the protocols Dr. Gaeta gave."

Jeremy Jacks, LAc


"The AMP has changed my practice by improving my practical application of supplement use. I feel more confident in my knowledge and ability to help more patients. I also gained a better appreciation of Michael."

Doris Kazakh, LAc

Ron Christensen, DC, Burley, ID.png

"Since participating your autoimmune training, I've been able to help with several cases of osteoarthritis, menopausal pain, bleeding ulcers, adrenal fatigue, two cases of hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, and chronic bronchitis in post-respiratory syncytial virus toddlers (my own). The one I'm most excited about is helping supplement a case of prostate cancer. I lost one good friend to metastasized prostate cancer, and I and so grateful to be able to help this time. You have truly broadened my practice in ways I never thought possible. Thanks again."

Dr Ron Christensen, DC, Burley, ID